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The Legacy

by Guisberg

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Sunday morning Already riding My bike on the dark Road Switch of episode Air and loneliness is all I need with a bowl Of crispy thai duck Next to the Chuck-a-luck Previously On fire Season two Strong cliffhangers And easy clichés But it's important For the people They want it grilled trough Do you want it blue? Blue is the color Of the air Sunday morning Let Me set On fire
The No Song 02:56
Is it something You wanna talk about? Something special to say loud It’s not always a simple thing To find some new words to sing What will it be now? We talked about this, we talked about that somehow What if we just try to fill the lines? It gives what it gives Anyway you don’t mind at all E M P T Y H A H A Please don’t ask me why It’s a no-song And it’s so fun to play This is what it’s all about Graphite particles On an undefined support Paper, parchment, leather, wood, card-board
Show me a place in the world Where the sun goes down at three a.m. Just to see if it's fun Well I guess it is not for you and me It is certainly a place where people are unhappy Caus' they don't go to bed With the chickens and the bees What you say is not logical at all This theory with the chickens and the bees Caus' they won't sleep in In the evening With the sun shining bright High in the sky I don't agree You know nothing 'bout the chickens and the bees Dig in the soil, climb on a tree Swallow your snorkel under the see Now you must agree The cats, the ants, the little wormhole The shark, the shrimp, the laughing seagull Do you understand anything at all? You don't understand anything at all...
If you are sure then it’s alright, John I will follow no matter the color of the swan You’ll see you won’t be the last to go I will follow no matter where, no matter when, John Joe Raise your flag, hold out your paw and I’ll jump on my bike and will ride to the place planned Tell me you will trigger the signal one day Attention to departure is what I want you to say Until then I’ll stay Under the palms in the shade Watching the cloud’s moving shapes The donkeys, the lion and the ape And if the vanish I’ll watch deeper and deeper Until I see The coconut galaxy
Is it solid? It is not! These boards are rotten Look at that Take the rope Hold it strong Go on faster Make it twang Cannibal in front Do you here the song And in the back The breath of Kong Stuck in the middle Of the monkey bridge Above the chasm Such a ditch It is hard To hold the position It is pointless That’s true Try to enjoy the view First you go For a swallow dive Come on Johnny Don’t paralyze And then the break And then the fall Endless and familiar Attracting hole 2:37 Weightlessness Usual start In the feathers Close your eyes Drone of the fridge The mist is lifting On the monkey bridge
Scampi 03:21
Follow the birds, where is your helmet Follow the birds, where is your helmet Let them push, let them pull But never lose control Once again you combine The beat and the frontline Upside down Your mudguards are Across the town Your mudguards are Follow the birds, where is your helmet Follow the birds, where is your helmet Another call, another texto The answers are pretty slow But you don't fail to lead and shake The movie club of the Mandrake
And then the heat And then the break Up at the red pass Too many ways You choose to stay Behind the cabin You settle down All is still All is still Again that noise Again you hold Your breath Again you breathe Again that noise Too weird to close Just behind The little house It’s a bird A little bird Nice little bird Bathing in the sand But it’s not Only a bird Someone is sitting In the cabin The man is old And dressed in black He peels an apple Try to smile back His hands are shaking You say hello And like nothing ever happened Round the house you go Round the house you go The sardine Little sardine Focus a bit Focus and hit The sardine Is crooked Is he alive Or is he dead? Despite the fear You have to go Despite the cold sweat You have to know You go to watch Carefully Peels on the wood floor Are everything you see Everything you see
Flames Circle of stone Soon the light Will be gone Completely gone Diurnal life Will remain A little longer It’s the threshold, the threshold, okay The threshold, the threshold, wait Last look around Nothing moves The shades are still Completely still Zip the door Zip the bag Goodnight fellows Goodnight fellows Goodnight, goodnight… You dream of “warm” You dream of “safe” You dream of old Happy summer days But the mold is cold And uneven It’s half past eight You cross the gate The threshold, the threshold, okay The threshold, the threshold, wait
It is eleven fifty eight If only you could collapse Developed a wonder sense of hearing Like Jaimie Sommers or more perhaps Every little scarabee fart Turns into a monstrous horse ride The old man cast a spell through the juice You’re deadpan in the sarcophagus Why this curse? You can feel his presence Do you deserve all this? You are lying on a sacred territory A very old cemetery Was that something moving in the soil Trying to grip your mortal coil And suddenly the wind in the trees The foul smelling breath of Hades Maybe it’s just the gaseous result Of your protein trek diet, nothing occult Nothing occult Rationalize, calm down No witch, no god, no wild hunt
Try not to think And pull the plugs Anyway you can’t Avoid the subs The deep frequencies Of the moos The flap, flap, flap Of the winged shoes Coming for him Coming for you Text down your last wills Prepare to go They are not far Hear them grow The wonder grunts The screaming mouths Of the flying steers Ridders Coming for him Coming for you Surrender Drop the penknife Show a little Dignity Surrender Let the flying steers Let them take you Away Far away
Dull twilight One or two degrees Finally the night came to end A whistle, a last scratch And the pearling dew Dripping on your neck As you put on your shoes Which way, today A way, choose a way Does it really matter? One way or another? Just go The second, the fifth, the one… A way, the way, your way After a mile You start to doubt About your direction The sky turns grey The forest is denser Look around Listen and smell And the rain, and the pain In your knee, again You’re about to turn back When something jumps on the track It is wild, don’t escape It’s an ape, an ape, see the ape Far, far from the jungle A radical change of angle Your face in his eye The ape, see the ape, the ape
Close Up 13:14
Last scene A woman at the corner Deserted alley Fast forward The first thing That you notice Is the way she looks at you And then Then she walks away She fades behind the credits There must be a hidden sequence Stay It’s about to fall apart The heart


released July 31, 2020

Jay : drums, voice, percussions
Father M : bass, voice, mandolin
Renz : guitar, voice, harmonium

All songs by Renz
Prose on Every Little Fart by Father M
Arrangements by the humble trinity of Guisberg

Recorded at Downtown Studio Strasbourg by Nicolas Desvernois
Mixed by Clément Adolff
Mastered by Aigle Noir

Photo by Sarah Dinckel
P&C Herzfeld 2020

Thank you : Owen Sand, Ashley Tanger, Isidore Blanket, the Ape and Ubu the dog


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